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Why CSS Locators are the way to go vs XPath

May 17th, 2011 by Ashley Wilson

Last week, our own Santiago Suarez Ordoñez gave a presentation to the San Francisco Selenium Meetup group that convinced us all to say no (for the most part) to XPath and yes to CSS Locators in our Selenium testing.

In his role as official Sauce Ninja and as a prolific poster in the Selenium forums, Santi has helped more users solve locator issues than possibly anyone else in the world. He’s previously written a number of blog posts on ways to improve locator performance. As Sauce CEO John Dunham puts it, “If there was a foursquare mayorship for locators, Santi would have it for a lifetime.”

Drawing from this experience, he gave us these four reasons for using CSS Locators:

1. They’re faster
2. They’re more readable
3. CSS is jQuery’s locating strategy
4. No one else uses XPATH anyways!

I can’t speak for everyone, but Santi sure sold me on point number one when he showed off the performance metric script he wrote a script that tested the speed of XPath vs the speed of CSS Locators. There wasn’t much of a difference in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, but with IE, the results were undeniable. Take a look:

To underscore this even further, he also recorded a video in Sauce OnDemand that uses one heck of a cute kitten to illustrate just how slow XPath can be. The cat’s paw movements represent the test clicking through the different locators. The first batch of clicks uses CSS Locators and completes in under 30 seconds. The second batch, the XPath one, continues on for another eight minutes. Eight minutes!

During the rest of the presentation, Santi dives into writing both basic and more advanced CSS Locators. He also spends some time talking about when you shouldn’t use CSS Locators (yes, there are a few cases where it is not the right tool for the job). To see the talk in its entirety, check out the recording below. And if you’re thinking of switching over from XPath, but unsure of how to go about it, check out the nifty tool Santi wrote called cssify. It does the handy work of translating your XPaths to CSS automatically.

Helpful links
View Santi’s Presentation Slides
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Testing Your Mobile Apps with Selenium 2 and Frank

March 30th, 2011 by Ashley Wilson

In case you missed our last SF Selenium Meetup, check out video below of the two great presentations on mobile testing. Pete Hodgsen, a software consultant with Thoughtworks, discussed how to use Frank, a new testing framework he’s involved in developing, for automated acceptance testing of native iOS apps. Jason Huggins, creator of Selenium and co-founder of Sauce Labs, followed this by demoing how to test Android and iPhone applications using Selenium 2.

Many thanks to our friends at CoTweet for co-hosting and making this last meetup such a success! If you think your company might be interested in hosting a future meetup, please get in touch. Our next meetup will be in early May at Mozilla (we’re skipping April because of the Selenium Conference happening next week). Stay tuned for more details!

#SFSE Video: Selenium Problem Solving Sessions

March 2nd, 2011 by Ashley Wilson

A new year of San Francisco Selenium Meetups got off to a great start with our February meetup, hosted by our friends at OPOWER. Attendees were treated to four different presentations by:

  • Eric Allen, a developer at Sauce Labs, who spoke about the different ways you can (and should) use Selenium’s Proxy Server
  • Dan Fabulich, Senior QA Engineer at Redfin, who shared a technique for using Selenium to automatically test files on a disk
  • Lalitha Padubidri, Lead QA Engineer at Riverbed, who gave attendees a glimpse into the Python-based Selenium infrastructure that Riverbed has built out, and
  • Alois Reitbauer, Technology Strategist at dynaTrace Software, who demonstrated how to integrate your Selenium tests with dynaTrace Ajax, a free tool that analyzes performance and functional problems.

In case you missed the event, check out the video below for the full presentations. And if you haven’t joined the SF Selenium Meetup group, well, get to it :) We meet once a month at different venues around the city to mingle, drink beer, eat pizza, and hear various presentations on Selenium. It’s not only a grand ol’ time, but it’s free. Next meetup is March 16 at Co-tweet. Details to come soon.

#SFSE Meetup: Cloud Testing At Salesforce & Selenium 2 Update

November 29th, 2010 by Ashley Wilson

Here are videos from another great San Francisco Selenium Meetup. Chris Chen, of Salesforce, gave attendees a special look in to how Salesforce automates testing in the cloud, and Eran Messeri, a core Selenium committer at Google, shared a new API for Selenium 2.

Check ’em out!

How Salesforce Tests in the Cloud with Chris Chen

Selenium 2 API & Interactions with Eran Messeri

SFSE Whiteboard Night a Success!

July 26th, 2010 by Ashley Wilson

The San Francisco Selenium Meetup Group gathered last week for a meetup at Digg’s headquarters, and WOW! What a fantastic night it was.

In the hopes of learning how members were specifically using Selenium, and to foster informal conversations around this, we decided to have “Whiteboard Night,” where we invited #SFSE members to volunteer to share their Selenium testing structures, philosophies, best practices, etc. The setup was similar to a poster session, with different “whiteboarders” presenting 5-10 minute sessions simultaneously and then engaging in organic discussions with the “minglers” who circled the room.

With 70+ plus attendees and 10 great whiteboarders from companies such as Mozilla, Pivotal Labs, and PB Works (to name a few), the conversations that resulted were highly thought-provoking. Most whiteboarders shared their existing test structures, while others proposed new ideas to get feedback from the group. Even Sauce Labs made an impromptu whiteboard visit, with Developer Miki Tebeka sketching out our testing system.

The responses afterwards were widely enthusiastic, with one newcomer to the group writing on the meetup page: “Awesome event! Great to talk to folks working ‘in the trenches.'”

With the success of Whiteboard Night, we’d love to have more in the future. We just need a big enough space to make it happen. If you think your company would be interested in hosting Whiteboard Night, please let us know. (To note: Digg’s digs were perfect. Plenty of open room, multiple whiteboards, and a huge fridge to store our beer :-) Thanks, guys!).

If you haven’t joined the #SFSE meetup group, please do so, as it’s the best way to stay in the loop. Next meetup is August 24 at LinkedIn – details coming soon.

Below are some photos from Whiteboard Night. For more, check out our new Sauce Labs Flickr Page. We’ll hope to see YOU at the next one!


IMG_9946 copy


#SFSE Meetup Videos: Hudson with Selenium + Sauce OnDemand

July 20th, 2010 by Ashley Wilson

At our last #SFSE meetup at StumbleUpon, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Hudson, gave a fantastic presentation on Hudson and the integrations with Selenium. He also unveiled a new Hudson plugin for Sauce OnDemand, documented here in an earlier blog post.

Hudson is an easy-to-use, open-source Continuous Integration (CI) server that supports distributed builds and multiple extensions, including those for Selenium. The first video below gives background on Hudson, the reasons for its development, and the features included. The second two videos walk you through using the Hudson Sauce OnDemand plugin, which makes the Hudson & Selenium integrations quicker and easier to utilize.

If you’d like to see this presentation in its entirety, check out our Sauce Labs YouTube channel. Thanks again to our friends at StumbleUpon for providing a great space for us to use for the event. To hear these talks in person, join our Selenium meetup group. We generally host meetups once a month around the Bay Area, featuring different Selenium topics and speakers, so join in the conversation!

Hudson Background:

Sauce OnDemand Plugin:

Continuous Try Server Integration

December 24th, 2009 by John Dunham

Collin Jackson of Betable talks about their successful use of “Continuous Try Server Integration” using Selenium together with Sauce OnDemand cloud-hosted Selenium service.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Selenium

December 21st, 2009 by John Dunham

Last week we hosted the December edition of the San Francisco Selenium Meetup. Chosen topic of the evening was “Selenium-related lightning talks” with some delightful results. Amit Kumar of Betable presents “Top 10 Reasons to Use Selenium.” Enjoy!

Selenium users talk about their experience with Selenium

December 21st, 2009 by John Dunham

Users talk about their favorite Selenium success stories and advice to new users at the 12/15/09 SF Selenium Meetup.

Selenium 2.0 and Beyond!

November 16th, 2009 by John Dunham

On Weds. 11-Nov-09, sponsored by Sauce Labs and, Simon Stewart (Google) and Jason Huggins (Sauce Labs) reprised their Zurich GTAC 09 talk on this subject.  Fortunately, this time both microphones worked.  Check out their “and one more thing” item at the end.

Here’s the Q & A session as well: