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How Leverages Appium for Mobile Test Automation

July 1st, 2014 by Bill McGee

We love this blog post written by Quentin Thomas at HotelTonight! In it, he explains how they use Appium to automate their mobile tests. He also walks readers through specifics, such as the RSpec config helper. Read a snippet below.

Thanks to the engineers at Sauce Labs, it is now possible to tackle the mobile automation world with precision and consistency.

Appium, one of the newest automation frameworks introduced to the open source community, has become a valuable test tool for us at HotelTonight. The reason we chose this tool boils down to Appium’s philosophy.

“Appium is built on the idea that testing native apps shouldn’t require including an SDK or recompiling your app. And that you should be able to use your preferred test practices, frameworks, and tools”.

-Quentin Thomas, HotelTonight, June 17, 2014

To read the full post with code, click here. You can follow Quentin on Twitter at @TheQuengineer.

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Recap: Continuous Testing in the Cloud [WEBINAR]

June 30th, 2014 by Bill McGee

Last week our own Michael Sage discussed the topic of  Continuous Testing in the Cloud for our latest webinar.

In it, he went over how to take advantage of cloud-hosted development resources to help increase release time and improve application quality as a best practice. He also talked about how to use Sauce Labs to securely execute your Selenium tests in parallel and reduce the time it takes to run your critical integration and acceptance tests.

Missed the webinar? You can listen to the recording here, or check out the slides below.

VelocityConf Santa Clara 2014 Recap: Talk by Jonah, Interview with Sebastian [VIDEOS]

June 27th, 2014 by Bill McGee

It was a busy week for Sauce Labs! We were out in full effect at VelocityConf Santa Clara.

Tapsterbot was showing off its sweet mobile testing moves at the Sauce booth. Check out the Vine video below to see it in action (courtesy of Jon Johns).

Our own Jonah Stiennon, Ecosystems and Integrations Developer, gave a Lightning Demo Keynote as well. Watch his speech, Test Driven Mobile Development with Appium, Just Like Selenium below.

Lastly, be sure to check out this interview with Mike Hedrickson and Sebastian Tiedtke, Director of Web Development at Sauce. Lots of great gems in here about best practices, testing “to the left”, and the state of mobile. Enjoy!

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