Announcing Support for Microsoft Edge

August 25th, 2015 by Bill McGee

Microsoft Edge LogoFollowing last month’s news about support for Windows 10 we’re tickled to announce that Sauce Labs now also supports automated testing on Microsoft Edge. As part of this update, we have upgraded our version of Edge from v.11 to v.20, thus adding more stability for both manual and automated tests.

In order to run a test on Edge, you would specify the following desired capabilities (or build the code, including advanced capabilities, using our Automated Test Configurator):

"platform": "Windows 10",
"browserName": "microsoftedge",

Login to get started – happy testing!

Updated Jenkins CI Plugin for Sauce

July 29th, 2015 by Ken Drachnik

Because enterprises are under extreme internal and external pressure to deliver better software, faster, development teams are transitioning to new software delivery processes such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). Both practices have proven their value in accelerating software production beyond traditional approaches, yet achieving continuous testing to support these processes is often the most difficult hurdle. Our updated Jenkins Plugin offers developers the combined power of the Sauce platform with Jenkins CI, the world’s leading CI tool, to further simplify and accelerate the development process.

The latest release of the Jenkins CI Plugin offers a set of rich features to help developers better utilize their CI systems to increase developer productivity so they can release better software, faster.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

Updated UI
The latest release of the Sauce OnDemand Jenkins plugin includes an updated UI with features to make it easier to run tests faster in parallel and understand the results.

Updated Browser Selection Tool
This makes it easier to speed testing by running tests in parallel. The new UI makes it very simple to select multiple platforms and browsers at one time. (more…)

Windows 10 Support

July 28th, 2015 by Ken Drachnik

Windows 10 150 pxWindows 10 is scheduled to launch tomorrow so today Sauce Labs is pleased to announce support for manual and automated Windows 10 testing – get your Win10 tests set up with our Automated Test Configurator.

We often release new OS / browser combinations ahead of their scheduled launch so you can begin testing to make sure your apps work on the shiny new systems ahead of time. Unfortunately, this release was a bit different as we did not get access to the bits we needed until later in the cycle.

Happy Testing!

The All New Sauce Labs UI

June 11th, 2015 by Ken Drachnik

New UI screen shotAs Sauce continues to grow its functionality, we try to be thoughtful in how we make changes to our UI to accommodate new features. Today, we are proud to announce an entirely new graphical UI that enhances Continuous Integration testing workflows, available immediately. Our new UI provides better insights into software builds and test processes. It’s all of our work here at Sauce to help users speed up their application testing to bring their new software applications to market faster.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

New Dashboard
Our dashboard now offers a summary view on the status your builds and tests across your organization. It automatically groups tests into builds so you and your team can concentrate on the status of desired builds rather than on individual tests, helping you to quickly identify blocking issues.

Updated Tests and Tunnels Pages
Now you can click on a build to receive complete details on all tests within it, as well as highlight the ones that have failed. You can also view the status of each individual test, Sauce Connect™ tunnels.

Team Management and User Details
We know it can be difficult to track usage of third party tools across your organization and ensure they’re being effectively used. That’s why Sauce now offers some new enterprise management features that make it easier to manage permissions and access to testing specific resources. Now you can benefit from enhanced reporting, giving your organization insight into individual usage via 60-day graphs.

New Archives Page
This feature for the first time offers a searchable archives page to show all of your account activity over the past 90 days. Your team can easily view the history of their work to help them spot trends in application tests using custom queries or existing filters.

Single Sign On (SSO)
And finally, we know that provisioning new accounts for individuals can be a time consuming process. Sauce now supports SSO, enabling IT managers to “just-in-time” provision new user accounts with centralized account management and access control.

We are excited about today’s new updates and hope you are too. To learn more about what’s new, you can view a Webinar explaining the new UI.

Want to try it? Sign up for a free 14 day trial.


Appium 1.3.6 Available on Sauce

March 4th, 2015 by The Sauce Labs Team

Appium logo w- tagline {final}-01The Appium team is pleased to announce that version 1.3.6 is now available on Sauce.  The new build includes changes from 1.3.5, which was previously unavailable for Sauce users.

– fix for a bug when driver.get() never returns for page with alert.
– iOS 8.2 support.
– fixed safari startup crashes.
– ensure Appium drops into the right continuation cb when selecting hybrid contexts.

– fix XPath regression where Appium failed to recognize non-ASCII characters.
– fix regression where Appium failed to set ADB’s path during Chromedriver tests.
– now finds the location of adb earlier.
– ensure encoding stream in Bootstrap.jar closes correctly.
– add workaround for issue where UiAUtomator fails to find visible elements.
– fixed undefined member error for the release object.
– add a delete key test.

– upgrade to Selendroid 0.13.0.

Sauce Connect Gets a Speed Boost & WebSocket Support

November 19th, 2014 by The Sauce Labs Team

Sauce Connect was designed with security as priority one. But given this technology’s critical position in your testing process we know that performance and utility are important, too. For that reason we have made two major improvements to Sauce Connect tunnels. (more…)

Coming Soon – A Reimagined Sauce Labs UI

November 19th, 2014 by The Sauce Labs Team

We are passionate about building products and services that help our users maximize the value they get out of their continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows. And while our core products serve this mission well, especially if you have integrated your CI server and are passing us test statuses, we realized we can do even more. We are excited to announce that we have begun work to completely overhaul the Sauce Labs UI and create a new experience specially designed for CI/CD workflows. The new UI will begin rolling out in phases next month. (more…)

Single Sign-On Support for Enterprise Now In Beta

November 18th, 2014 by The Sauce Labs Team

At Sauce Labs, we are hard at work identifying new ways to make adoption and usage of our products as simple and frictionless as possible. For larger organizations onboarding hundreds of users, managing access and security can quickly become challenging. To simplify the onboarding process and provide greater account security, we have rolled out integrations for four popular Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, including Ping Identity, OneLogin, Okta, and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). At a high level, an SSO Identity Provider (IdP) provides a single gateway through which users can access an array of applications without logging into each application separately. A user logs into the IdP with one set of credentials and gains access to all connected applications through that same login. (more…)