The Most Unique Use Case for Sauce Ever!

December 16th, 2013 by Bill McGee

We see people using Sauce to test all kinds of things. But the prize for most unique use case for Sauce ever goes to DocPop. When he decided to get married spontaneously in Vegas, he used Sauce to spin up a Windows machine running IE6 on his Macbook to fill out Nevada’s marriage license form. The form wasn’t compatible with anything but older versions of IE, and they wanted to get everything squared away in a hurry.

most unique use case for Sauce ever

We love helping people test their apps, but we’re especially tickled to be able to help this lovely couple on their special day! Congrats to you both! Read all about their wedding on DocPop’s blog.

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  1. docpop says:

    And now I feel terrible for not inviting you guys to our wedding party on Saturday! We’ll ping you for our ten year anniversary.

  2. Mubbashir says:

    This is sweet!!

    Congratulations docpop!!

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