Sauce Builder Webinar: From zero to creating, storing and running automated tests in under 30 mins

May 3rd, 2011 by The Sauce Labs Team

As you may have heard, we recently released a new, free tool that makes building and running Selenium tests easier than before. Sauce Builder is now available for download, and with it comes the ability to create Selenium tests in your Firefox browser by simply clicking around your application. You can then run those tests in Sauce OnDemand with just a few clicks, no Selenium expertise necessary.

To explain more about Sauce Builder and how automated testing can accelerate your development velocity, we held a webinar with Adam Christian, a Sauce Labs developer and project lead for Sauce Builder.

With Sauce Builder, we’re hoping to simplify and improve the cross-browser testing process for development and QA teams. Specifically, Sauce Builder will allow you to:

  • Build Selenium tests with zero programming - Simply click through your application and Sauce Builder writes a Selenium scripts that reflect your actions.
  • Export results in the language of your choice - HTML, JAVA, Groovy, C#, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby so your tests speak the same language as your application and dev team.
  • Eliminate bugs faster - Use immediate video playback of your tests in action, and share them with your teammates.
  • Remove test infrastructure headaches - Sauce Builder makes it a snap to either run tests locally in Firefox or in the cloud with access to all the browser / OS combinations supported in the super scalable Sauce OnDemand service.

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